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February 12, 2010

Auto Meters in Bangalore

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Traffic cops in Bangalore turn a blind eye to the auto wallahs.

I had to undergo such an incident recently, when I disembarked from my bus. Just outside were standing the Auto wallahs who were more than willing to take me on destination of around 6Km. But wait the rates that they told me were to the tune of Rs 200-250, nothing less than Rs.150.

I frantically looked around for a prepaid auto stand, but found none. Finally I found an auto.

Finally, when I got an auto, the meter was just jumping like hell, no proper incremental increase in rates. And mind you this was a digital meter.


October 27, 2014

Gurupadappa Suragond’s invitation is awaiting your response

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Gurupadappa Suragond would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond?
Gurupadappa Suragond
Gurupadappa Suragond
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October 20, 2014

Gurupadappa Suragond’s invitation is awaiting your response

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Gurupadappa Suragond would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond?
Gurupadappa Suragond
Gurupadappa Suragond
Chief Executive Operations at RiteCom India Technologies Ltd
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January 1, 2011


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Wishing you a new year...



June 2, 2010

G Prasad Bilur would like to connect with you on Yahoo!

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March 17, 2010

G Prasad Bilur wants you to join ibibo.

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Join me and my friends on ibibo and let’s stay connected with friends.

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G Prasad Bilur

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March 14, 2010

How the Innocent, Illiterate, Rural Woman Surekha is Being Victimised & Cheated By her Husband & Corruptive Police. A Real Story

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How the Innocent, Illiterate, Rural Woman

Surekha is Being Victimised & Cheated

How the Innocent, Illiterate,  Rural Woman

Surekha is Being Victimised & Cheated

By her Husband & Corruptive Police.

A Real Story

Surekha w/o Ravasab Soudi, resident of Dashal Village, Tq&dist. Bijapur, Karnataka, has been married since 10 years and staying with her husband at Tikota, a small town, 12kms from her village.

Ravasab Soudi, own brother of Surekha’s mother, has studied up to 10th std. was unemployed. Surekha’s parents, agri labourers, got her married to him and after marriage they also gave him their hard earned Rs. 1,00,000 help him to put a provision store at near by Tikota town and the shop is going well with small business.

Though Surekha is uneducated, she well at domestic affairs and very innocent girl with out knowledge of outside world confining herself within her home. She had suffered miscarriages two times.

In course of time her husband had illegal affairs with a neighboring vicinty girl who also used to come to meet Surekha and became a friend of her also. Innocent Surekha was not aware that she is being cheated by her husband and the girl who had developed into illegal extramarital affairs and both started roaming and romancing in near by Bijapur city.

Since last three years Surekha’s husband started urging her and her parents to permit him to marry the girl with who had an affair. Surekha, her parents and his parents strongly opposed and condemned his illicit act. However he started abusing and accusing Surekha that she is a barren and cannot give birth to his child, because of which he is going to marry the girl. This developed into many quarrels and disputes among themselves and extended to their families. All the nears and dears of him told him not to commit such mistake and be away from that girl, he also promised many a times that he would be away from the girl.

Meanwhile the other girl and her mother, not only started blackmailing Surekha’s husband and threatening him of dire consequences if he refuses her to marry, but also abusing Surekha with filthy rural words whenever they came across on the roads and in the lanes.

When Surekha, with the support of her family and relatives, strongly condemned and objected the second marriage attempt of her husband, the other girl, intending to marry Surekha’s husband, along with her mother was outrageous with anger and went to Surekha’s house on 8-3-2010 morning hours and both started assaulting and manhandling Surekha with the mal-intention of causing her mental & physical tension and torture so as to create an ill impact upon 3 moth’s pregnant Surekha’s pregnancy to be miscarried. Innocent and illiterate Surekha, shocked & frightened by assault, suffered bleeding of her womb. She was suddenly taken to the hospital where she was getting her pregnancy check up and treated with out any assurance of her miscarriage. She is still under treatment. The poor lady was unable to admit the girl at hospital because of her poor financial constraints. Surekha’s husband, meanwhile, is disappeared from the scene.

In such a situation they called me (writer of this story from Bangalore and Surekha is my own brother’s daughter) and informed the ill happenings there. I suggested them to immediately lodge a complaint at Tikota police station.

When Surekha’s parents went to police station on 9th , the police personnel made them to wait till 8pm in an vain attempt to make compromise with both parties. They were told to come on next day on 10th. When the complainants went back, the same day at 9 pm Surekha’s husband, the other girl intending to marry him, along with girl’s parents and relatives arrived at police station to make a corruptive unjust deal with the police against Surekha’s plea for justice.

Tikota Police Act as Heartless Brutes

When Surekha and parents came back to police station on 10th the very next day, police started evading receive their complaint and police were advising them not to lodge a complaint and were arguing in favour of illicit, illegal second marriage intended by the other girl and Surekha’s husband.

When I called Tikota police over phone they also started arguments against the acceptance of complaint. When I went strong and tough and harsh and told them to mind their duty and it is none of their business to interpret against the laws as per their whims and fancies so as to protect the illicit acts with corrupt intentions. And I reminded them to they are there to protect innocent, illiterate village folks against the happenings of injustice.

Then one of the police constables himself wrote the complaint taking the statements from Surekha. A receipt of complaint bearing No. 0142863 dated 10-3-2010 and sealed with a sign by 3036. No copy of complaint is given to them.

Till today police have not submitted an FIR and they have pushed the complaint at cold storage.

In view of this story why the police are not helping the rural, illiterate, poor woman to get justice? How police are victimizing the rural people with their selfish corruptive intentions?

I would like to take this matter to all the higher levels and national and state women’s commissions.

Police Station, PSI, Mr Somaling Kiradalli – 9449077100

Tikota              08352-231533; constables Mr Ambiger & Mr Benakanalli -9449533871

TQ& Dist.: Bijapur


February 14, 2010

14 February, 2010 14:46

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God has always been planning things for me’

Naga Naresh Karutura has just passed out of IIT Madras in Computer Science and has joined Google in Bangalore.

You may ask, what’s so special about this 21-year-old when there are hundreds of students passing out from various IITs and joining big companies like Google?

Naresh is special. His parents are illiterate. He has no legs and moves around in his powered wheel chair. (In fact, when I could not locate his lab, he told me over the mobile phone, ‘I will come and pick you up’. And in no time, he was there to guide me)

Ever smiling, optimistic and full of spirit; that is Naresh. He says, “God has always been planning things for me. That is why I feel I am lucky.”

Read why Naresh feels he is lucky.

Childhood in a village
I spent the first seven years of my life in Teeparru, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, on the banks of the river Godavari. My father Prasad was a lorry driver and my mother Kumari, a house wife. Though they were illiterate, my parents instilled in me and my elder sister (Sirisha) the importance of studying.

Looking back, one thing that surprises me now is the way my father taught me when I was in the 1st and 2nd standards. My father would ask me questions from the text book, and I would answer them. At that time, I didn’t know he could not read or write but to make me happy, he helped me in my studies!

Another memory that doesn’t go away is the floods in the village and how I was carried on top of a buffalo by my uncle. I also remember plucking fruits from a tree that was full of thorns.

I used to be very naughty, running around and playing all the time with my friends. I used to get a lot of scolding for disturbing the elders who slept in the afternoon. The moment they started scolding, I would run away to the fields!

I also remember finishing my school work fast in class and sleeping on the teacher’s lap!

January 11, 1993, the fateful day
On the January 11, 1993 when we had the sankranti holidays, my mother took my sister and me to a nearby village for a family function. From there we were to go with our grandmother to our native place. But my grandmother did not come there. As there were no buses that day, my mother took a lift in my father’s friend’s lorry. As there were many people in the lorry, he made me sit next to him, close to the door.

It was my fault; I fiddled with the door latch and it opened wide throwing me out. As I fell, my legs got cut by the iron rods protruding from the lorry. Nothing happened to me except scratches on my legs.

The accident had happened just in front of a big private hospital but they refused to treat me saying it was an accident case. Then a police constable who was passing by took us to a government hospital.

First I underwent an operation as my small intestine got twisted. The doctors also bandaged my legs. I was there for a week. When the doctors found that gangrene had developed and it had reached up to my knees, they asked my father to take me to a district hospital. There, the doctors scolded my parents a lot for neglecting the wounds and allowing the gangrene to develop. But what could my ignorant parents do?

In no time, both my legs were amputated up to the hips.

I remember waking up and asking my mother, where are my legs? I also remember that my mother cried when I asked the question. I was in the hospital for three months.

Life without legs
I don’t think my life changed dramatically after I lost both my legs. Because all at home were doting on me, I was enjoying all the attention rather than pitying myself. I was happy that I got a lot of fruits and biscuits.

‘I never wallowed in self-pity’

The day I reached my village, my house was flooded with curious people; all of them wanted to know how a boy without legs looked. But I was not bothered; I was happy to see so many of them coming to see me, especially my friends!

All my friends saw to it that I was part of all the games they played; they carried me everywhere.

God’s hand
I believe in God. I believe in destiny. I feel he plans everything for you. If not for the accident, we would not have moved from the village to Tanuku, a town. There I joined a missionary school, and my father built a house next to the school. Till the tenth standard, I studied in that school.

If I had continued in Teeparu, I may not have studied after the 10th. I may have started working as a farmer or someone like that after my studies. I am sure God had other plans for me.

My sister, my friend
When the school was about to reopen, my parents moved from Teeparu to Tanuku, a town, and admitted both of us in a Missionary school. They decided to put my sister also in the same class though she is two years older. They thought she could take care of me if both of us were in the same class. My sister never complained.

She would be there for everything. Many of my friends used to tell me, you are so lucky to have such a loving sister. There are many who do not care for their siblings.

She carried me in the school for a few years and after a while, my friends took over the task. When I got the tricycle, my sister used to push me around in the school.

My life, I would say, was normal, as everyone treated me like a normal kid. I never wallowed in self-pity. I was a happy boy and competed with others to be on top and the others also looked at me as a competitor.

I was inspired by two people when in school; my Maths teacher Pramod Lal who encouraged me to participate in various local talent tests, and a brilliant boy called Chowdhary, who was my senior.

When I came to know that he had joined Gowtham Junior College to prepare for IIT-JEE, it became my dream too. I was school first in 10th scoring 542/600.

Because I topped in the state exams, Gowtham Junior College waived the fee for me. Pramod Sir’s recommendation also helped. The fee was around Rs 50,000 per year, which my parents could never afford.

Moving to a residential school
Living in a residential school was a big change for me because till then my life centred around home and school and I had my parents and sister to take care of all my needs. It was the first time that I was interacting with society. It took one year for me to adjust to the new life.

There, my inspiration was a boy called K K S Bhaskar who was in the top 10 in IIT-JEE exams. He used to come to our school to encourage us. Though my parents didn’t know anything about Gowtham Junior School or IIT, they always saw to it that I was encouraged in whatever I wanted to do. If the results were good, they would praise me to the skies and if bad, they would try to see something good in that. They did not want me to feel bad.

They are such wonderful supportive parents.

Life at IIT- Madras
Though my overall rank in the IIT-JEE was not that great (992), I was 4th in the physically handicapped category. So, I joined IIT, Madras to study Computer Science.

Here, my role model was Karthik who was also my senior in school. I looked up to him during my years at IIT- Madras.

He had asked for attached bathrooms for those with special needs before I came here itself. So, when I came here, the room had attached bath. He used to help me and guide me a lot when I was here.

I evolved as a person in these four years, both academically and personally. It has been a great experience studying here. The people I was interacting with were so brilliant that I felt privileged to sit along with them in the class. Just by speaking to my lab mates, I gained a lot.

‘There are more good people in society than bad ones’

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to Prof Pandurangan and all my lab mates; all were simply great. I was sent to Boston along with four others for our internship by Prof Pandurangan. It was a great experience.

Joining Google R&D
I did not want to pursue PhD as I wanted my parents to take rest now.

Morgan Stanley selected me first but I preferred Google because I wanted to work in pure computer science, algorithms and game theory.

I am lucky
Do you know why I say I am lucky?

I get help from total strangers without me asking for it. Once after my second year at IIT, I with some of my friends was travelling in a train for a conference. We met a kind gentleman called Sundar in the train, and he has been taking care of my hostel fees from then on.

I have to mention about Jaipur foot. I had Jaipur foot when I was in 3rd standard. After two years, I stopped using them. As I had almost no stems on my legs, it was very tough to tie them to the body. I found walking with Jaipur foot very, very slow. Sitting also was a problem. I found my tricycle faster because I am one guy who wants to do things faster.

One great thing about the hospital is, they don’t think their role ends by just fixing the Jaipur foot; they arrange for livelihood for all. They asked me what help I needed from them. I told them at that time, if I got into an IIT, I needed financial help from them. So, from the day I joined IIT, Madras, my fees were taken care of by them. So, my education at the IIT was never a burden on my parents and they could take care of my sister’s Nursing studies.

Surprise awaited me at IIT
After my first year, when I went home, two things happened here at the Institute without my knowledge.

I got a letter from my department that they had arranged a lift and ramps at the department for me. It also said that if I came a bit early and checked whether it met with my requirements, it would be good.

Second surprise was, the Dean, Prof Idichandy and the Students General Secretary, Prasad had located a place that sold powered wheel chairs. The cost was Rs 55,000. What they did was, they did not buy the wheel chair; they gave me the money so that the wheel chair belonged to me and not the institute.

My life changed after that. I felt free and independent.

That’s why I say I am lucky. God has planned things for me and takes care of me at every step.

The world is full of good people
I also feel if you are motivated and show some initiative, people around you will always help you. I also feel there are more good people in society than bad ones. I want all those who read this to feel that if Naresh can achieve something in life, you can too.

Janatha News Reporter, a citizen journalist forum

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Dear Suragond,

Good idea! Go ahead.

Kuruvilla M U

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To: “gurupadappa suragond” <suragond@yahoo.co.in>, “gprakas1” <gprakas1@yahoo.co.in>
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We cordially invite you to associate with Janatha News Reporter, a citizen journalist forum and directly post your reports to: “Janatha News Reporter” <> and your reports are published and you can login: https://janathanews.wordpress.com/ for veiwing your reports published.

“Citizen Journalism” or Participatory Journalism is an evolving form of journalism through user generated content. When any common man in his capacity as a citizen of a nation takes up the initiative to report things or express his views about happenings around him then the occurrence is popularly termed as citizen journalism or participatory journalism.

Citizen Journalists are not bound by the conventional term of a journalist. Citizen journalists take up an initiative to express ideas irrespective of their educational or professional background. In a way this emerging form of journalism is promising a scenario of breaking free from media bias as well as taking local news on a global platform.


G B Suragond

February 13, 2010

13 February, 2010 10:20

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Shri Mahanthalinga Shivacharya SwamijiSri Sha. Bra. Mahanthalinga Shivacharya, VIBHUTHIPUR MUTT SEER, BANGALORE








Srimad Vibhuthipura Veerasimhasana Samsthana Math

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Srimad Vibhuthipura Veerasimhasana Samsthana Math

Sri Sha. Bra. MShri Mahanthalinga Shivacharya Swamijiahanthalinga Shivacharya Swamij is the 86th Mathadhipathi of the Srimad Vibhuthipura Veerasimhasana Samsthana Math.

In 2008 Swamiji wrote 32 articles to ‘Kannada Prabha’ daily newspaper. These articles were published as a book titled ‘Dharma Deevige’. The book became so popular that all copies were sold out within six months. Therefore the same book will be reprinted and released on 16th December 2009.

Srimad Vibhuthipura Veerasimhasana Samsthana Math is situated at Vibhuthipura in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state, India. The Math is the oldest of all 64 maths in Bangalore. It was established by Hoysala king Veeraballal in 1186 AD., as a stone inscription in the math states.
Sree Veerabhadra SwamiThe math is blessed with a temple of Sree Veerabhadra Swami. Nitya pooja, Archana and Rudrabhisheka are offered to the presiding deity of the temple.
On Karthika Amavasya thousands of people participate in celebration of annual Jatra Mahotsava with Agnikunda, Rathotsava and other folk arts. You can see photos and read about math’s functions and celebrations on Events and Photos sections of this web-site.
The Vibhuthipura math is a branch math the ancient Srimad Rambhapuri peetha, Balehonnur. Veerashaiva religion is a unique religion among ancient religious systems of India. The Veerashaive religion was established by Jagadguru Renukacharya Mahaswamiji.
Five veerashaiva peethas, principal centers of this religion are Shrimad Rambhapuri (Karnataka), Ujjaini (Karnataka), Kedar (Uttaranchal Pradesh), Shreeshail (A.P.) and Kashi (U.P.). These five peethas through an network of their branch maths have been striving to dispel ignorance in society through spiritual preachings and inculcate proper religious practices and conduct as propagated by ancient Agama shastra and Shrutis. While the emancipation of masses through spiritual upliftment and improvement of their general well-being are the main objective, peethas have also being spreading value-based education among the people since time immemorial.
class-2Presently a text books knowledge has failed to increase moral values. Hence the math gives the top priority to enhancing the moral fibre of the younger generations. The Math is not only a pious place. In indian Darshan Shastras it was called “Students’ Home”. Therefore the present Mathadhipathi Sha. Bra. Sri Mahanthalinga Shivacharya Swamiji has decided to construct a Free Residential School for 500 students of all communities who are studying 6 Std. to 10 Std.
Old Age Home's entranceThe math also provides pace for an Old Age Home “Shambhavi” for women. Besides the above, the math also runs I.T.I. institute for vocational training and a kannada medium school.
Please do visit the Math when you come to Bangalore and leave your valuable suggestions.

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